Year-round studying

Conversational Russian language course with a native speaker

Learning Russian may sound as one of the hugest challenges you take up in your life especially when the opportunity to study it offline with a native speaker is limited because of Covid-19. We want to break these boundaries making the process of studying interesting, lively and productive. Our highly-qualified teachers will become the guides to the Russian culture and the great Russian language with its world-renowned classical literature.

Convenient online format will allow you to fit this new fascinating activity into your everyday life and spend your free time with pleasure gaining knowledge and meeting new people. By successfully completing the course you will get a certificate of accomplishment by post.

About: Conversational Russian language course consists of all the aspects of learning a language: speaking, writing, pronunciation and grammar. We teach using the communicative methodology.

Course format: online (zoom)

Classes: twice a week; each class lasts for 1.5 hours

Сlass schedule: 

A group A1 level on Monday and Wednesday 20.30-22.00 Moscow time

A groups A2 level on Monday and Wednesday 22.00-23.30 Moscow time

A group B1 level on Tuesday and Thursday 20.30-22.00 Moscow time


Course price / total hours of the course/ duration of the course

Level Total hours Classes start Classes finish Course price for a full programme

80 academic hours

(60 hours)

October, 19 March, 31

49 000 руб

650$/550 euro

96 academic hours

(72 hours)

October, 19 April, 28

59 000 руб

785$/660 euro

120 academic hours

(90 hours)

October, 6 May, 27

73 000 руб

970$/820 euro 

* 1 academic hours – 45 minutes

** prices based on currency exchange rate as of 18.09.2020. The cost of the course is priced in rubles.

Your price will be the equivalent in your currency, converted at the exchange rate on the day you make your payment.


Payment: you can pay in full or in two instalments

Vacation: December, 21 – January, 12 / February, 23 / March, 8 (extra lessons during vacation are not included in the price)

Groups: maximum of 6 people

Teachers: highly qualified specialists with professional education and work experience.

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Programme's price includes:
- course completion certificate (sent by post)
- access to video lessons, in case of missed classes
- entrance test (verbal test, if needed)
- WhatsApp chat with a teacher


A group A1 level – October, 7   20.30 Moscow time

A group A2 level – October, 7   22.00 Moscow time

A group B1 level – October, 1   20.30 Moscow time


Complete the test  and contact  to register for a trial lesson. In your e-mail you should include your name, surname and your country.

To sign up for the course you need to complete the test