Boat Museum Goto Predestination

Voronezh Cutty Sark or Avrora, Boat Museum Goto Predestination, named in a popular at that time “Western” fashion, was docked at Admiralteyskaya embankment very recently, only in 2014. The museum is a unique replica of a XVIIth century historic battle ship originally built here. The modern replica is claimed to be based on the original drawings and is believed to be the exact copy of the first 58-gun ship-of-the-line in the history of Russian navy. The ship was constructed during the reign of Peter the First and he himself was in charge of the building process delegating the management duties only in his absence and only to his two reliable and professional deputies.

The ship’s exterior and interior reproduce those of Peter the First’s times. Here you can see not only the traditional elements of a  XVIIth century battle ship, from the captain’s desk to an altar, but also the tsar’s post-mortal mask and his metal handprint.

In museum the number of passengers or visitors is limited to 50, so in high season it is recommended to book in advance. The visitors are also kindly asked to wear comfortable and soft shoes, avoiding heels that can damage the boat’s wooden floor.

The boat museum is a true jewel that Voronezh is proud of, so it is an absolute must-see for all visitors.

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