Lenin Square and Koltsovskiy park

 Lenin Square – the most central square in Voronezh, the main point of reference and the place where in winter you can find the main Christmas tree, a holiday market  and a skating rink.

Since late XVIIIthe century it has been the centre of horse trade, hence its original name – Konnaya (the «Horse» square), and later, when by 1880 horse trade stopped – the Old or Ex-Horse («Starokonnaya»).

In 1936 here was placed the largest building in town – the local communist party headquaters, in front of which several years later appeared the statue of Lenin. Then in 1937 the square changed its name again to the square of the XXth anniversary of the October events.

During the WWII the administrative buildings were bombed and the square temporarily became the place of public executions. The Lenin monument was taken away from the city only to be replaced in 1950, giving the square its current name.

Next to the square you can find Koltsovskiy skver or Koltsovskiy park – one of the locals' favourite spots in the centre, especially when it is warm. In the summer one of the best music fountains starts working here. The cosy benches around it are traditionally popular among students from the neighbouring Philology, Languages and Law departments.

In 1868 a monument to Koltsov was opened here following the initiative of the poet's sister, who had raised most of the funds. The second oldest monument in town after the onle to Peter the 1st, it has remained in its original place.

Originally only a small arear around the monument, the park soon grew to be home to bookstalls and flea markets. In the 30s the monument to Nikitin, another famous Voronezh poet, was also located here, trasfered to the area next to the Proletariy cinema only in 1973. During the WWII the park was used by the fascists as a burial plac: the remains of German soldiers and officers were reburried after the war.

Now the park is a green and beautiful place with free wi-fi and a wonderful atmosphere – a great place for a short break during a walk in the city centre.


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