Stone Bridge

One of the main landmarks of Voronezh, the pictures of which can be found on every kind of souvenir, is the Stone Bridge.

Its history goes back to the times of Peter the First when Bogoslovskaya street ( nowChernyshevskaya) was flooded so often that it started to be difficult for the transport to go along Staromoskovskaya street (now named after Karl Marx).  It was then decided in 1826 to build a brick bridge here, which was later named Stone Bridge.

Now this spot is frequented by newlyweds. Following the old Russian tradition the young couples have to cross seven bridges, and the groom is supposed to carry his bride over the last one as a symbol of his new responsibility. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of couples choose this very bridge – the shortest one in Voronezh, only 10 meters long, and also the most picturesque.

Prior to its reconstruction in 2011, the bridge’s rails were covered in wedding locks symbolizing never ending love and commitment. After the rails have been replaced by brick, restoring the landmark’s original look, the locks were moved to a specially designated  “love tree” a few meters away from the bridge.

A perfect pictiure-taking spot with a corner of the old Voronezh, the Stone Bridge is very centrally located and is an absolute must-see.


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