Prospect Revolutsii (Revolution Avenue) – Bolshaya Dvoryanskaya

Revolution Avenue has recently aquired a second name – Bolshaya Dvoryanskaya or the High Gentry Street is what it was called originally. This is not only one of the main streets, cutting right through the city centre, but is still what it used to be – effectively the city's High Street – a place for an evening promenade, a place to spend a leisurly weekend night shopping, eating out or simply strolling down the street.

Its history goes back to the XVIIIth century, when it was linking the governor's palace (still here) to the street leading out of town in the direction of Moscow. In 1774, after a massive fire, the street underwent considerable reconstruction. Since then a lot of the city's well-off citizens started building their houses there. Some of those built between mid-XIXth and early XXth century can still be seen here today. They were damaged during the World War II, but rebuilt since then.

The street is home to most of the city's landmarks. Just a few of those are the house where Nobel laureat poet Ivan Bunin was born, Tulinov's house, built around 200 years ago, famous Shvanchich's and Samokhvalov's hotels, as well as hotel Bristol, the Mariinskaya girls's school building now hosting the Academy of Arts, most of the city's theatres and much, much more. Here you can also find monuments to writers Platonov and Nikitin as well as a monument to Beliy Bim (White Bim), the famous loyal dog, a character of a soviet film based on Troyepolskiy's story.

In any weather on any day the street offers excellent entertainment. If you only have a little time for sighseeing and feel like making the most of your time, this is where you should head, to Prospect Revolutsii, the city's true heart.

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