Clients' support

The school provides:

  • Transfer if nesassary (500rub one way from airport or railway station)
  • Visa support 

Visa support

The organization makes a student visa for the participants of the internships, summer school's student or other schools projects. It is becuase in most of the programs they will attend courses of Russian language.

Visa application for the countries : England, Ireland, the USA and Australia, Denmark will take 5 weeks (the invitation for the foreign student will be made during 4 weeks from the moment of application).   The invitation will be sent to you by email, ptint it out and with this document you will be able to apply the documents for getting a visa to the embassy  of the nearest city of your country that you mentioned in a questionary before. Find out in the embassy in advance which other documents will be necessary (usually, it is an insurance and possibly something else). The process of making a visa takes not more than 5 days. if you are in a hurry it is possible to make it for 1 day for extra payment.  

Surcharge for making a letter of  invitation  – 3000 rub

The countries of the European Union can get visa  during 1-2 weeks. The organization sends the letter of invitation during 3-4 days. Find out in the embassy in advance if they need paper invitation letter for visa or copy is fine.

Surcharge for making a letter of  invitation  –  3000 rub (if copy of an invitation letter is fine 1000 rub then)

If you would like to visit Moscow before you come to Voronezh, our partner will make a tourist visa for you for the whole period you in Russia.

Chose the program to visit Moscow here