Школа изучения русского и иностранных языков с носителями языка


Alvaro De Diego Poblador, Spain

The Russian course was really nice, I learned so much Russian, teachers are very professionals, nice, you have too much patience with us, was really great success.

Kewin Ogink, Netherlands

So, the language was pretty much completely new for me, but still, I think I really learned a lot in such a small amount of time, because of the sort of personal yet professional way of teaching. The small group and good atmosphere made me more eager to ask questions if there was something I did not understand, and I just really liked the teachers and the way of teaching. It was very clear, because they didn’t just say: ‘this means this’, but they made gestures and used drawings, so you picked it up much quicker. I really enjoyed it, in 1 word: отлично!

Massimo Toesca, England

I attended classes in the IH language school of Voronezh during July 2015. Despite I had no previous knowledge about Russian language, I enjoyed them and I appreciated the teaching method used in the school. The Teachers are all Russian native, smiling, friendly and absolutely patient in explain and repeating. It was absolutely a good experience, I learnt a lot in a suitable environment and I am planning to go further in the study of Russian language.

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