Media Internship

The purpose of the internship: acquiring journalistic skills, exploring of the city and improving Russian language competence.


The start date is June, 29 2020 (the 28th of June is the day of arrival)

The end date is July, 26 2020 (the 27th of July is the day of departure)

The description of the programme:

Interns will learn the basics of mass media work at lectures and online workshops. After that they will try to put knowledge into practice by writing an article.

The seminars are arranged in a way allowing the students to process the gained information.

Every stage of writing the article is supervised by a Chief Editor of an online magazine about the city.

The supervisor will help you to choose the right headline for the article, to identify what research methods will be the most suitable there and give some recommendations about the ways to make your idea clear.

We organize meetings with interesting people for your interview during which you will work as a true journalist asking questions and writing down the answers.

While writing the article you will meet a Russian language teacher who will help you to avoid mistakes at your work.  You will also have a seminar on urban photography where a professional will share their knowledge with you.

The internship is a real of work on article under the leadership of a Chief Editor.

The Chief Editor will select the best articles and they will be published in one of the most popular online magazines in the city

You can choose the area of your research according to your interests.

Is it necessary to have journalistic skills to take part in this programme? – No

The number of participants: up to 12

Where will I work on the article?

The participants will be provided with a special room for work. They will also have an opportunity to work in the city (café, library, place of accommodation).

What should a participant have? 

It is necessary to have a notebook or a plane-table to write an article and take pictures.

What level of Russian is necessary?

B1 level of Russian is necessary for a successful work on the article.

What will I do at my spare time?

We provide an interesting activity programme for the interns during their stay at the city. This programme includes visiting different museums and parks, a boat trip, a field trip and many other events.

Where am I going to live?

A 3-star hotel is located in the heart of the city and is five minutes away from the school. Accommodation is in a single room.

The hotel provides breakfast that is included in the price of the programme.

Further information on the hotel can be found here.

Fee: 97 000 rubles / 1515$ US / 1360 euro ( based on currency exchange rate as of 26.10.2019 )

Fee includes:

  • Workshops and meetings with a Chief Editor
  • Lessons with a Russian language teacher
  • Placement test (on-line and Skype interview)
  • Accommodation (breakfast is included)
  • Visa support (invitation letter for a visa)
  • Activity programme (tickets to museums, excursions and field trips)
  • Support of the school coordinator (24/7)
  • Transfer (meeting at Voronezh airport or at the railway station and transfer to a place of accommodation)
  • Reference letter upon completion

What is not included in the price?

  • Ticket to Moscow
  • Ticket from Moscow to Voronezh
  • Public transport during the programme in Voronezh
  • Visa fees
  • Insurance costs

The interns must be older than 18 years old. This Internship is international and students from all over the world are welcome to take part in it.

The interns with American passport should apply at our partner’s web-site CrossroadsEurasia

Please mention in your questionnaire that you have found the information about the programme on our web-site and  you will get 50$ off.


Media Internship 2019

Farid Kazi (USA) is a participant of Media Internship 2019. It is a link to his article in Downtown webmagazine 


Media Internship (school of journalism) 2018

Wendy Walker's (USA) is a participant of Media Internship 2018. It is a link to her article in Downtown webmagazine 

Media Internship (school of journalism) 2017

This year the school of journalism was no less exciting than the previous one. The participants, who were all girls, came from Germany, the USA, Greece. They wrote articles on various topics: ecology, education, regional advantages. The articles included some advice and information on positive experience of tackling some problems in their hometowns, and certainly the participants borrowed some ideas from our country.

A feedback from one of partisipant of a project - Anna Ryndin (Berlin, German). It is a link to her article in Downtown webmagazine.

  Anna Ryndin, 30 (Berlin, German)

In summer 2017 I spent two weeks in Voronezh and took part in the workcamp “School of Journalism”. The project was perfect for me! I studied Russian and speak it fluently. But since it is one of the most difficult languages in the world it’s always useful to travel to Russia.

The project

In the “School of journalism” we had meetings with the main redactor of the online journal “”. I learned how to collect ideas for an article and how to approach a topic. I’ve written a lot of (long) texts in my life, but mainly for study purposes and not for public newspapers. It was a good experience: we all had an aim and a deadline, so everyone was working hard (apart of enjoying the free time) to achieve his/ her goal.

The place

As I already knew the famous cities Saint Petersburg and Moscow and also have travelled to other places in Russia I was glad to find a workcamp in city that I could explore. Voronezh is a great place to visit! It’s a modern city with Russian and global culture. For example, you can find places with typical Russian food and on the other hand in the past years there have opened a lot of modern cafés, restaurants and bars that add flair of New York or other cosmopolitan cities. Furthermore, the parks in Voronezh impressed me! There are parks with a lot of possibilities to relax and have fun at the same time, for example, with various sport activities or open air libraries.

The lessons

Every work day we had 2 x 90 Minutes of classes with very skilled teachers. They all were experienced with teaching Russian as a foreign language. The classes were intense, individual and therefore the best way for me to perfect my Russian skills. The teachers asked what we would like to learn or which topics we would like to talk about. And of course they helped us to write the article in terms of style, expression and grammar. The combination of taking classes and writing an article for the project was great for me.

The accommodation

I participated in many workcamps before and also had been a camp leader. The project in Voronezh was quite different to what I had experienced in other workcamps because there was no group accomodiation.  Thus, you can spend the time more individual but also with the other participants, if you like. I was very lucky to have a great host. We got along very well with each other. Thanks to my host I discovered places in Voronezh I probably wouldn’t have visited. Furthermore, I got to know other Russians – my host’s colleagues, friends and family. I really enjoyed sharing part of my host’s life for two weeks – talking, cooking together, going out. Probably we are going to see each other again in my home town Berlin.

If you want to travel to Russia and spend two weeks with Russian language, Russian life and Russian culture you should take part in “School of journalism”!

Media Internship (School of journalism) 2016

We had nice participants at Journalism school 2016 from England, Ireland and Slovenia.

Have a look at video feedback of participants and read their articles that was published  at  the most popular webmagazine in Voronezh "Downtown")