The Internship Programme

Can you imagine yourself as a teacher? Ok! The programme teaching English will help you to develop your teaching talent and get the key skills of teaching, which, who knows, may be useful in your life. Apart from teaching you can meet your new friends and also study Russian language, attending classes, which are included in the programme. The organisations have an abundant experience of working with foreign volunteers and teachers. At the end of the programme  every participant gets a reference letter. Also, the duration of a visa may be longer, than official internship. This time will be given for traveling to other cities of Russia.

A list of oranisations where you can work as a teacher or a teachers' assistant:

The school cooperates with a number of leading organisations of the city therefore the internship will be provided by one or several companies listed below. The school reserves the right to choose an organisation for an intern.

International House Voronezh-Linguist (private school)

International private school International House Voronezh-linguist will make you the member of its family and will provide you with the methodological support if necessary! There are over 2000 students of different ages in the school : children, teenagers and adults. 6 branch schools are located in different parts of the city. 

ih team   ih team

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DataArt  (IT company)

DataArt designs and builds custom software systems. DataArt helps clients take advantage of new business opportunities by creating smart, one-of-a-kind technology systems. As a global technology consultancy, they offer end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy, to design, implementation and support. Company has more than 400 people who are learning English for their work and their life.


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Studying of Russian language

The participation in the programme includes 24 hours of Russian language studying per month (the number of hours can be less because of the state holidays). The studying of Russian language will take place at RFL RUS school and will be conducted by the highly qualified teachers. Moreover, the school periodically organizes excursions and entertainments for its students. Lessons can be provided either as a short intensive course or as a gradual process taking place during the whole period of the internship!!!

The description of work

Conducting lessons of English/German languages as a teacher’s assistant or as a teacher, depending on the duration of the internship and your possible previous teaching experience ( the decision will be taken by the academic director).

The timetable of your classes will be made in advance. The classes may take place early in the morning, during the day and late in the evening. Shift work and work with students of different ages (preschoolars, children, teens and adults) is possible. You will have group of students or indivisual classes. 

Usually,  the participants of the internship conduct the aspect of speaking during the lesson. If you are lucky enough, apart from the ordinary lessons you will be able to take part in the interesting school projects, where you will also  perform as a teacher. It is possible, that your participation in the project promotional activities will be required.

You will be required to attend the methodological seminars together with the other teachers of the school, where you will be able to get useful advice and ideas for making the lessons more interesting. The seminars will make you understand the teaching process faster.

You will have to work 3 hours a day, one of which will be spent on the preparation to the lesson ( or 15+5 hours a week). The working hours may be organized irregularly during the week and the  trainee may have not fixed days off : Sunday and one more day of the week (usually, Saturday).

In case of mutual agreement of the school and the trainee, the trainee may have more working hours and get for that extra reward.

Requirements to the participants of the programme

From 18 years and older

Native speakers or native-level English/German speakers

The level of your Russian language does not matter.

You will have one interview on Skype  with one of the team members (do not worry, it is just a formality).

We ask you to fill out a form of a participant  in detail and reflect in it if you have any previous experience of teaching or working with children. You must also write about your skills and interests (from craft to sport achievements).


You will live in the host family, where usually the participants have their own room. The family will give you breakfast, dinner/packed lunch, supper. If the host family for some reason will not be able to accept you in one of the months, we will provide you with the accommodation in the cozy hostel in the center of the city , where you will get 3 meals a day.

Usually , accommodation in one family continues for one month, after that the change of the host family is possible.

Visa application

The organization makes a student visa for the participants of the traineeship, because they will attend courses of Russian language. In the organization the trainee will do volunteer’s  work and will be in the status of a volunteer. Visa application for the countries : England, Ireland, the USA and Australia will take 6 weeks (the invitation for the foreign student will be made during 4 weeks from the moment of application).   The invitation will be emailed to you, with this document you will be able to apply the documents for getting a visa to the embassy  of the  city of your country you mentioned before. The process of making a visa takes not more than 5 days. Find out in the embassy in advance which other documents will be necessary (usually, it is an medical insurance and possibly something else).

Surcharge for making a letter of  invitation  – 3000 rub

The countries of the European Union can get visa  during 1-2 weeks. The organization sends the letter of invitation during 3-4 days. Find out in the embassy in advance if they need paper invitation letter for visa or copy is fine.

Surcharge for making a letter of  invitation  –  3000 rub (if copy of invitation letter is fine then 1000 rub)

Duration of the programme, prices  

You can choose any duration for your internship

* Internships usually start at the beginning of the each month  !!!

Duration Price  (rub)
1 month 32 000
2 months 61 500
3 months 91 000
4-11 months 30 000 rub for each month of the traineeship

+ Surcharge for visa

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